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Monday, March 15, 2021
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Good morning, readers! 

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Now, on to the news. ✿

One-Hitters: Cannabis News at a Glance

  • Susan Miller of Astrology Zone has been tapped by one of the biggest cannabis companies in the world to promote Quatreau, a new CBD-infused sparkling water. Yes, you read that right (it’s not your morning bowl). Canopy Growth has partnered with the celebrity astrologist to promote what is essentially CBD La Croix because “the launch of Quatreau in America coincides with an astrological event known as the Age of Aquarius—the zodiac's water bearer, which brings us to the cusp of a brand-new age.” What a time to be alive—and what a time to be crafting marketing campaigns and reading press releases. 

  • A bizarre cannabis bill in Montana threatens to impose numerous additional restrictions on their new adult-use industry. Senate Bill 341 requires dispensaries to maintain 1,000 feet of distance from schools and churches (that’s a new one 👀), permits just one dispensary per 10,000 people in each county, and limits the amount of THC in marijuana products to 15%. I can’t imagine the medical cannabis community is going to let that unrealistic THC limit stand, but time will tell if advocates can reform the bill before it heads back to committee in April.

  • Denver CBD company HempFusion scored an exclusive contract supplying product for a clinical trial at Mount Sinai Medical Hospital in New York. The six-month, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial aims to collect data that will assist in a deeper understanding of CBD’s effect on the body. Dr. David Harnick, the trial’s lead researcher and a board-certified cardiologist, sounds genuinely excited to conduct “one of the first [studies] of its kind in the area of CBD’s effect on targeted cardiology markers.”

  • Fruiting Bodies Collective, a BIPOC women-led psychedelics equity and education company, launched in Portland, Oregon. The kick-off includes a new podcast, live Q & A sessions on Instagram, and a crowdfunding campaign to support outreach, education, network building, and providing access to affordable, culturally relevant training, and therapy options. Co-founders Elan Hagens and Rebecca Martinez hope to establish their project as a community resource for Oregon's psilocybin therapy community, helping to lay the groundwork for an inclusive and diverse psychedelic industry.

  • The New Jersey branch of the NAACP may take New Jersey’s Cannabis Regulatory Commission to court. The organization objects to the fact that none of the five chosen members are Black or connected to social justice groups fighting for those most affected by low-level marijuana arrests.

  • In response to broadening state-led cannabis legalization, the United States Office of Personnel Management issued updated guidance on federal employment hiring. It reiterates that the rules do not permit agencies to automatically find individuals unsuitable for federal employment based on past cannabis use or drug test results and emphasizes that applicants should be evaluated on a “case-by-case basis.” OPM recommends considering nuances including the specific position, the “nature and seriousness of the conduct,” and “contributing societal conditions” when evaluating potential hires. 

  • The Little Strong Drink from Pure Beauty has arrived. To my knowledge, it’s the first live-resin beverage in the California market.  The concentrated drink, made with Concord grape juice, cardamom, live resin (a type of cannabis concentrate), a dash of ashwagandha and Himalayan sea salt, is sugar- and preservative-free and designed to be enjoyed both as a standalone drink and mixed with something sparkly. The two-part launch video is a surreal, joyous work of art that I anticipate playing on a loop via projector as soon as I can throw a post-vaccine house party.

  • Travis Barker (yes, of blink-182) launched Barker Wellness Co. (lol), a vegan line with tinctures, a topical, and drink packets containing various cannabinoids. Props for transcending any marketing pressure toward a Blink aesthetic, but it’s so, so sterile. Then again, this man got the word “blessed” tattooed on his cheekbone—maybe this austere style is the truest Travis.

  • Fekkai unveiled its CBD Scalp Calming collection. The shampoo, conditioner, hydrating scalp mask, and hair oil contain broad-spectrum CBD, but more excitingly, the line’s packaging consists of 95% high-grade repurposed plastic that’s 100% recyclable.

  • Tonic CBD drops a thicc, moisturizing body butter with the best name: Outer Space.

  • To celebrate International Women’s History Month, Miss Grass donated 100% of its mini joint proceeds and other items from March 4th to 14th to Planned Parenthood. 

  • My greatest edible FOMO: Sundae School’s mochi gummies. Exclusively available in the California market, each tapioca gummy has 10mg THC and comes in one of three flavors—lychee dragonfruit, sour yuzu, and milk tea boba sundae. The texture is meant to be more mochi than gummy, inspired by the Sundae team’s favorite treat during summer visits back home, 떡 (rice cake).

Off to buy consolation red bean mochi from H-Mart,
Lauren Yoshiko