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Monday, Dec 7, 2020
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Good morning and season’s greetings! 

I started off my December with writing this article about a Native-Latinx-owned popsicle paradise in Portland, Oregon; receiving my first Lovepot; and texting my grandma a fresh batch of streaming recommendations. Her hottest take so far: Schitt’s Creek is not funny! The Nana Algorithm remains a work in progress. Today, I’m sharing an extra-long list of One-Hitters, as there’s no shortage of news in the weed world these days, from legalization updates and business grant opportunities, to product lines inspired by Bob Ross… yes, I said Bob Ross. Happy little trees!

One-hitters: Cannabis News At A Glance.

  • Another big—but concerning—move: On Friday, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the MORE Act—a sweeping bill that would take cannabis off the federal drug schedules, making medical use and research legal. The Senate isn’t expected to pass the MORE Act, but its passage by the House is a historic moment. On the plus side, the bill includes a focal point requiring expungements of nonviolent federal cannabis convictions and a 5% sales tax that would send revenue to grant programs for social equity and Small Business Administration programs. But last-minute amendments increased troubling barriers to industry participation. Legalization activists like Nina Parks of Supernova Women lament the addition of Section 5922 (a) and Section 5923 (e), which essentially deny cannabis business permits to those with cannabis convictions on record or previous participation in court proceedings. If we’re trying to build a better, equitable industry, this is not the kind of federal framework we want to see.

  • As Mexico’s Senate approves the country’s latest cannabis bill, legalization seems to be closer than ever to becoming a reality. However, as Mennlay and I have discussed on Broccoli Talk before, the prospect of legalizing weed is dangled in front of voters almost annually, helping to sway votes but never coming to pass. This is the farthest things have gone yet, though, so we’re watching closely.

  • New contender for the weirdest headline in weed news: A cannabis company specializing in sublinguals and patches launched a Bob Ross-themed cosmetics line. The hues of the lip tints and eyeshadows from Bob Ross Beauty are based on the painter’s actual palette. Surprisingly enough, no word on whether they’ll contain CBD or other cannabinoids. Sure, why not? 

  • Eaze is now accepting applications nationwide for the 2021 class of Momentum, the business accelerator that supports under-represented founders. Participants receive a $50,000 grant and a 12-week industry expertise curriculum, and, notably, Eaze does not walk away with any equity from program participants. Applications are due by December 15, 2020, at 11:59 PM; head here to apply.

  • In Oregon, the Portland City Council has agreed to divest all cannabis tax revenue earmarked for the police bureau and redirect it to Black and brown communities. The 10% allocation has meant millions in pot taxes for the police over the past few years. Now, a community-led coalition will decide how to use the money to support Black and brown futures. It’s not yet clear if this update will affect the 15% of cannabis tax revenue allocated to state police. Still,  it’s a major step in reforming how communities benefit from and engage with the cannabis industry.

  • Cannabis and tarot sessions are no strangers to one another. Allume combined the two with style, launching a beautiful, gilded tarot deck patterned with a cannabis-leaf motif. The Soul Cards deck is available for pre-sale now. 

  • To help to change the narrative around social equity in cannabis, Nidhi Lucky Handa, founder of California-based LEUNE, launched Growth From Home, a series of virtual chats breaking down the many facets of social justice reform in the industry. You can watch my interview here, where we talked about why and how it pays for brands to have a positive impact on the communities most affected by the war on drugs.

  • Superette opens a new location on Spadina Avenue in Toronto, Ontario, right next to the dog-friendly Clarence Square Park. 👀

  • Detroit City Council finally announced the implementation of adult-use cannabis businesses. As soon as January, prospective businesses can start applying for a retail, grower, or processor license, and—notably—a license for a temporary marijuana event or designated consumption lounge. (Jealous!) Even more notable: The city has committed at least 50% of all new licenses to “Legacy Detroiters,” who will get the ability to purchase certain city-owned property at 25% of fair market value.

  • Maryland-based medical cannabis company Curio Wellness launched a $30 million fund to help women and minorities own a cannabis dispensary. The Curio WMBE Fund will invest in up to 50 people—prioritizing women, minorities, and disabled veterans—who are seeking to open and operate a Curio Wellness franchise. The program creates a path to 100% ownership in three years.

I’ll be back on Friday with the latest in smoking accessory trends and innovations, as well as a hot tip on a smoking accoutrements M.I.A. in the market—it's haunting our dreams, and we can't wait for someone to start making it. Since it’s gifting season, want to give someone a gift subscription to The Broccoli Report?

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