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It's brought to you by Broccoli, the international magazine for cannabis lovers that encourages the discovery and intelligent appreciation of cannabis through explorations of art, culture, and fashion.

Subscribers receive a twice-weekly collection of cannabis news stories and our thoughts on why they matter. Expect updates on emerging trends, crackdowns, and shake-ups, plus shoutouts to up-and-comers, candid interviews with industry leaders, and other opportunities people in cannabis need to know. The Broccoli Report is written by Lauren Yoshiko, contributing Broccoli editor and co-host of the Broccoli Talk podcast.

Our dispatches arrive on Mondays and Fridays. We offer a free plan and a paid subscription, and we’d greatly appreciate your support! Monday’s emails are free (our weekly roundup of news), and Friday’s emails will be for paid subscribers only (interviews, event recaps, trend reports, roundtables and more).

Why are we doing this? Broccoli believes in the industry’s potential to be more than “business as usual.” We unabashedly support the companies and creators committed to doing things the right way, from the activists holding equity programs accountable to small businesses that put ecological remediation before influencer contracts. It’s not too late to disrupt conventional business models for the better, and information is the key to navigating a young industry with deep cultural roots. 

That’s where The Broccoli Report comes in. If we want a world where women own and operate as many businesses as men; where reporters and reviewers come from every kind of background; where news is honest and available; a world where small businesses supporting ethical, equitable models are too successful for other industries to ignore, we all need to know what’s happening and why. Access to clear, accurate information about what’s going on is what keeps the playing field level for all.

Subscriptions directly support the editors who write, edit, and proofread The Broccoli Report. 

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About Lauren Yoshiko
When Oregon legalized adult-use in 2014, Lauren wrote some of the first articles about the newly legal cannabis industry. Through the years, she’s worked at cannabis farms and dispensaries, and reported on the commercial and cultural happenings in the industry for Thrillist, Forbes, and Rolling Stone, among others. Through it all, the thing that inspires Lauren most is how frequently she sees people setting out to do things differently. She says, “That promise of doing business better, doing wellness better—that's what makes the cannabis industry special.”